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#7: Appalachian Mountains

Continent/ Country / Department / City = America / United States / Virginia / Shenandoah County /Maurertown

38°55'12.0"N 78°25'30.0"W





Shenandoah River


 My current research project at the Smithsonian Institute, Front Royale VA.

Last time I reared insects from temperate forest; I was a child ;) #ChangeIsGood



A fairly new country with (already) a strong culture





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# 6: Des insectes et des Hommes

 Continent/ Country / Department / City = Africa / Ethiopia /  Addis Abeba / አዲስ አበባ
 8.991972N, 38.558391E
My project Des Insectes et des Hommes is an environmental education program using insect as a model for a better understanding of natural ecosystems (more education for a better conservation)For the first time in the AEFE network (International French High-schools; Lycee Guebre-Mariam, Addis Abeba), I performed this popular Science program based on the major steps of a research project using light traps as collecting methods. An amazing success - I am so happy - Thanks to all participants and collaborators - If you want more infos, please see the blog of my friend and biology teacher from this project Yohan Juin; (
 Students from the Lycee francais Guebre-Mariam (Addis Abeba)- First students to try my education program, they look happy right?
Collecting insect at night (Menagesha National Park; 2700 m altitude)
Some pictures of the 3 days off with my friend in the Awash Valley - finally visiting, camping and exploring Africa
 Papio anubis (Babouin Olive) - Any leftovers guys?
 Awash National Park (1) - Few Nil Crocodiles observed (Crocodylus niloticus) from 2 to 3m50 :0

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# 5 : České Budějovice

Continent/Country/Department/City = Europe/ Czech Republic / South Bohemia / České Budějovice 

48.974588N, 14.474273E

 My new city


Famous city for beer (called Pivo here)


Outside the city: Bavorovice


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Un hommage à l’Histoire Naturelle du Vivant (et surtout aux insectes)

Il s'agit d'un sujet très important à titre personnel, dans ma vie de tous les jours mais aussi dans les recherches scientifiques que je mène depuis une décennie maintenant! J'ai enfin pu écrire cet essai qui souligne l'importance d'étudier les insectes pour entrevoir les applications pour l'Homme et la Nature. Pour ce faire, il n'y a pas d'autres solutions que de SORTIR SUR LE TERRAIN ;)
Soon in english

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#4 Back to the roots

Continent/Country/Department/City= Europe / France / Loir et Cher / St Georges sur Cher

47°19'15.7"N 1°09'00.2"E

Domaine Touraine-Chenonceaux - my dear friend Thierry Pillaut (

Choosing the best rod for winemaking

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