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# 6: Des insectes et des Hommes

 Continent/ Country / Department / City = Africa / Ethiopia /  Addis Abeba / አዲስ አበባ
 8.991972N, 38.558391E
My project Des Insectes et des Hommes is an environmental education program using insect as a model for a better understanding of natural ecosystems (more education for a better conservation)For the first time in the AEFE network (International French High-schools; Lycee Guebre-Mariam, Addis Abeba), I performed this popular Science program based on the major steps of a research project using light traps as collecting methods. An amazing success - I am so happy - Thanks to all participants and collaborators - If you want more infos, please see the blog of my friend and biology teacher from this project Yohan Juin; (
 Students from the Lycee francais Guebre-Mariam (Addis Abeba)- First students to try my education program, they look happy right?
Collecting insect at night (Menagesha National Park; 2700 m altitude)
Some pictures of the 3 days off with my friend in the Awash Valley - finally visiting, camping and exploring Africa
 Papio anubis (Babouin Olive) - Any leftovers guys?
 Awash National Park (1) - Few Nil Crocodiles observed (Crocodylus niloticus) from 2 to 3m50 :0
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I am a tropical biologist working in community ecology, and in particular on plant-insect interactions. My field research is mostly located in Amazonian tropical rainforests (South America) - My passion for travel and nature are therefore unlimited. Rock on !!

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